Pre-engineered steel buildings – The current trend of new housing

Pre-engineered steel buildings – Current housing trend
The concept of “prefabricated house” often makes people think of the type of mobile housing, which can be easily assembled and transported in the style of a house that is mass-produced from separate parts and mounted together. modular. Accordingly, people also think that the design of the prefabricated house is rough, rough, with the inconvenience of a temporary lifestyle.
This concept is no longer valid when architects have experimented with a different behavior, where the prefabricated house model is considered a new, modern housing style, meeting the way. live new. They offer beautiful designs, wide open spaces and comforts. Thus, “prefabricated” is more closely associated with the concept of “style” than in the past. Since then, economists believe that modern architecture will develop and make a lot of profit from the housing sector that has been appearing for a long time but has been neglected for a long time.
Based on the remarkable development of materials and construction techniques, today’s architecture and construction industry re-concept of the “easy, readily available, inexpensive” concept of prefabricated pre-existing housing into “convenient”. use, convenience, saving ”. They add the lines of modern architecture and eye-catching layout and décor, making this new housing space pushed into a contemporary style and the most discerning of people must also wish to work. property.
In Vietnam, through some fairs of construction and woodwork, there have been a number of companies introducing small-scale assemblies, and then a bamboo manufacturing company has also launched a house model. drinking tea in the garden. These are quick steps to approach international market trends. However, the design as well as the convenience of assembly operations still need to be discussed further. Anyway, now is also the time for architects and interior designers in Vietnam to join and collaborate effectively with the business community to develop business and profit from this housing sector.
Grasping this trend, CPT Vietnam has become one of the leading companies in the field of designing, manufacturing and supplying pre-engineered steel buildings in Vietnam. With a variety of products and perfect service has met the increasing needs of customers.
In cooperation with CPT Vietnam, we will ensure maximum quality for our customers in all parts, components of the project as well as perfect services throughout the installation process. Our products are designed on the latest automatic software, we are proud to have provided optimal solutions, saving the initial investment costs and ensuring bearing capacity in the event of natural disasters. harshest in all terrain of Vietnam.

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