Electro-galvanized coil (GA-EG)

Electro-galvanized steel coil, gray (GA)
From the product, cold-rolled steel is processed and plated by electrolytic method, the main coating is zinc. Unlike galvanized steel products just through manufacturing, shaping is the end product details. Electroplated steel sheets are applied to the parts that need coating after forming the picture. Because it is also plated with zinc, the ability to withstand environmental corrosion is very high.
Visually, the product is ash-gray, non-reflective (different from hot-dipped hot-rolled steel (PO) for a certain reflection).
Finished products have a thickness of 0.30 – 4.50mm depending on the market used. Roll weight from 4000 – 25,000 KG
Electro-galvanized steel coil, green emulsion (EG)
Also coated with different alloy components, but this product is coated with “anti-stick” (anti finger) resistant to moisture, smudges, grease, dirt impact from the external environment. . Commonly used in the manufacture of enclosures, frames, supports for electrical boards, consumer electronics and industry. This type of product is not used for details, the product needs to be repainted after the complete shape.
Visually, the product is green, shiny. Especially when using your hand to touch the surface, there are no fingerprints on the product. Unlike the GL category, it also has the same anti-stick protection feature but gives poor stamping and deep strokes.

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