Cut to the shape and size detail recorded in production design drawings.

1. Tools:

CNC steel cutting machine: CSD drawing machine soft drawing system, with automatic feature, automatic programming, cutting simulation, … cutting curved shape steel.

Pha Bang steel cutting machine: 9-beak cutting system for cutting steel from 5mm to 25mm thick.

Hydraulic steel cutting machine: Cutting steel with straight shapes and oblique maximum cutting thickness of 16mm

2. Implementation:

Corrugated steel is accurately marked according to the detailed drawing.

The sheet is put into the cutting position by the crane, then checking the exact position is allowed to cut.

Finished products after being cut into stacks according to a predetermined position to prepare the shaping work.

3. Checking:

Dimensions: length and width must be exactly according to the detailed dimensions of each product after the cutting process.

Steel plate edge must be flat.


1. Tools

HG-1500III is a large capacity welding and attachment machine, applicable to a variety of jobs and products. With 3 sets of hydraulic clamps combined with the input roller system, it is easier to attach beams before welding. Using PLC control system and functional control box with full features of a welding and sealing machine.

HG-1500III uses centering welding technology. The machine is automatically centered by a single clamping mechanism, thanks to the synchronous movement in opposite directions of the screw rod mechanism during centering. The machine uses a Dynamic system to make precise identification of the centers of the single clamping device. There are always at least two attachments that work on the steel girder’s butt during welding to ensure automatic problem solving and increased productivity. The machine is equipped with oil cylinder gaskets so that the weld will not fail when there is a gap between the abdomen and the beam when the beam has a bavia or a hole.

2. Implementation:

Each wing and abdomen plate will be put into pressing position by crane.

After welding one side of the wing, the component will be flipped to press and weld the other wing.

The components are welded with a distance of 300-400mm a position.

After forming, components will be gathered to the welding area to prepare for automatic welding.

3. Checking:

Dimensions: Length and width must be exactly according to the detailed dimensions of each component after being pressed to shape.

The long seams of the wings and abdomen must be straight, flat and welded evenly.

The wing and belly must be perpendicular, facing each other.

Contact the right wing and abdomen must be tight, the gap must not exceed 2mm.


1. Tools:

MZG – 2X 1000 automatic double gate welding machine is an automatic gate welding machine used in steel structure industry. Welding machine with submerged arc technology (welding under protective drug layer), boat form (steel beam is inclined at 90 °, the torch is vertical). When welding steel beams, which are fixed position by beam mounting system, groynes and welding gates move along the beams thanks to 2-sided moving motors, the welding speed is steplessly adjusted by inverters to ensure the moving machine. stable shift. Each gate welding machine has two torch assemblies and two 100 kg drug recovery systems, the torch is adjusted up and down by electric motor and the left / right movement is manually adjusted. The machine is equipped with two 1000A welding sources with a high working cycle, the torch is moved thanks to the guide mechanism, the adjustment panels are arranged logically, easy to operate.

The automatic welding machine needs a mine XMHA – 1600. This is an automatic beam welding machine under the pillar pillar, neatly designed, easy adjustment features, suitable for type beam welding applications. H large, non-standard size. This column-type automatic welding machine uses a set of torch type with a 100kg drug recovery system, beams welded in the form of a boat bed, a welding machine moving on rails, welding speed and no-load movement are controlled. Stepless control thanks to the inverter motor. The groin is designed in an arc-shaped direction, controlled by electric motor. Supplying the welding current to the machine is Hualian Group’s high-power 1000A automatic welding power supply, high duty cycle, combined with a reasonably arranged control panel system on the machine to keep the machine running correctly. and stable.

2. Implementation:

Components are made on automatic welding line.

The component after welding on one side will be automatically flipped over to the next side welding, so that the structure will be welded 4 sides.

After welding, the components will be gathered to the straightening area to prepare for the straightening process.

3. Check

The welding line must be straight, even, the weld must be evenly spread into the wings and the abdomen.

Check the welding line height in accordance with design drawings and standards prescribed in TCVN on steel structures.

Defects: powder, defects, … must be discovered and corrected before moving to the next stage.


1. Tools:

In the process of making H-beams, after welding and heating, usually the beams are often bent and deformed, requiring the device to bend these wings. The JX machine above is one of Hualian’s flange straightening machines. This equipment has the characteristics of ease of use and high performance, is used in many different industries such as: hydraulic engineering, structural and mechanical installation.

Vertical hydraulic straightening machine for straight structures. Correct and straighten the way the beam is deformed after welding.

Horizontal hydraulic straightening machine for straight and curved structures. Correct and straighten deformed beam wings after welding.

2. Implementation:

Components after welding is completed, the wings will be folded due to the effect of heat arc. Therefore, the component will be put into the straightening machine to straighten the wings.

Depending on the curved or straight structure, a straightening machine and an appropriate leveling method will be used.

After straightening, the structure will focus on the area to complete the additional details.

3. Check

Wings after straightening, flat.

Wings and bellies are perpendicular, facing each other.


1. Tools:

Wire and CO2 welding machine for welding small parts such as bone strengthening, bass, …

Magnetic drilling machine, hydraulic punching machine to locate holes on structures.

2. Implementation:

After straightening, the structure will be completed with additional details such as: Reinforced bones, purlins, bracing beams, purlin hole drilling, beams, …

3. Checking:

All parts must be assembled in sufficient size and position.


1. Tools:

The ball-cleaning system HGP0816-8 is a state-of-the-art type cleaning and vacuum cleaner, which is mainly used for cleaning rust, welding slag from H-beam steel surface as well as cleaning iron plates and surfaces. face of appropriately sized construction steel parts. After going through the cleaning process, the beams are not only cleaned, but the surface of the beam is also enhanced, improving the adhesion of oil paint and extending the life of the coating. HGP0816-8 uses a centrifugal ball blasting system with 8 nozzles, a vacuum system with international standard filtration equipment, advanced industrial ball separator systems and a nozzle surface made from objects. Wear-resisting, impact-resistant material is durable.

Standard cleaning ball SA 2.0

2. Implementation:

After finishing, the components are cleaned, welded slag, slag cut with a grinding machine.

After being pre-grinded, the components will be gathered into the blasting area by a crane and put into the blasting location by roller.

Can spray 1-2 components at the same time.

The spraying process must be even, the structure must be covered with all surface positions.

After spraying, all components will be gathered into the paint area to prepare for painting.

3. Checking:

Components after spraying balls must be clean, remove all rust, welding slag.

Components after cleaning must be primed immediately to avoid oxidation of the structure surface.


1. Tools:

50HP steam compressor provides high pressure compressed air for the entire paint department.

Semi-automatic paint spraying system.

2. Implementation:

Components before painting must ensure surface dryness.

Spray each layer and spray in series.

After each coat has dried, check the thickness before painting the next.

3. Checking:

Surface drying time is 6 hours.

The thickness of each paint layer must be in accordance with the design.



Chi Viet CVC uses 10-ton gantry crane to load components.

Chi Viet CVC uses fabric cable to pick up components to avoid scratching the painted surface.

Components are loaded on the car in order, to avoid the impact caused by warping affecting product quality.