Red mud will be material to produce iron and steel

According to on February 21, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai chaired a meeting to review the results of the Government’s direction of research, development of plans and technologies to treat red mud into products. useful, contributing to the development of bauxite processing and mining industry in the Central Highlands.
The Deputy Prime Minister assessed the results of research and testing conducted by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, providing an effective initial treatment for red mud.
According to a report of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, the red mud in bauxite mining in the Central Highlands region has a higher iron content when compared to other regions in the world such as Australia, Hungary … At the project. Lam Dong aluminum, Fe2O3 content from 46% to 53%. This is considered equivalent to poor iron ore, large quantities and can be oriented to produce steel.
In 2012, the research unit conducted an industrial scale test of 1-10 tons / batch. As a result, the average iron recovery efficiency is over 70%, the furnace slag has enough clinker production standards and unburnt construction materials. This process also separates the amount of caustic soda. At the pilot batch conducted in May 5-2012, 10 tons of red mud with iron recovery efficiency of 71%, creating 2,539 tons of high-strength steel … After calculation, the unit proposed production of porous iron ( iron content 89% -96%). This is also an input product with high demand in the market of steel production …
According to

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