Recruiting 10 welders and 05 painters

Joint Stock Company pre-engineered steel buildings Chi Viet (CVC) needs to recruit 10 welders and 05 painters with the following criteria:
– Job description:
Proficient in welding, welds …
Processing and manufacturing mechanical products.
Know how to use machines in the field of welding.
Exchange added in the interview.
– Vacancies:
– Number of recruitment:
15 male.
– Working time:
Working day 08 hours; Morning: 7h30 -11h30, Afternoon: 13h- 17h00
– Right:
Full participation in social insurance and health insurance and the company participates in accident insurance.
Be rewarded holidays, New Year and enjoy the welfare of the Company.
Competitive salary, based on ability and skills, salary> 3 million.
Working in a dynamic, creative environment with modern equipment.
Starting salary: Negotiable
– Job requirements
Technical qualification requirements: Elementary
Industry requirements: Mechanical + Paint
Foreign language requirements:
Information technology requirements:
– Other requirements:
Know welding, painting techniques, preferably with a vocational or Intermediate degree.
Healthy, hardworking, enthusiastic with the job.
Ready to go to work when the company requires.
– Profile include:
Job application, resume with local certification;
Health certificate, copy notarized ID card;
Copy of relevant qualifications.
– Application deadline:
From October 6, 2014 to October 30, 2014 (Chi Viet Steel Buildings Joint Stock Company will not return the applications submitted by candidates).
– Contact information:
Address: Street No. 05, Lot No. 03, KCN Điện Nam- Điện Ngọc- Điện Bàn-Quảng Nam.
Contact to meet Mr. Khoa (Phone number: 05103.949.789, please contact 102).

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