Pre-engineered steel buildings are a revolutionary revolution in the field of construction structures

Low cost, good bearing, easy to change the structure, fast construction, long life … These features have made money steel become a revolution to change the appearance of the factory, creating a breakthrough in the field. structural areas. The factory was built using ordinary materials and has been replaced by pre-engineered steel buildings with many outstanding features.
The market of pre-engineered steel buildings is applicable in two main areas: in industrial construction, including factories, warehouses, factories, hangars or other structures made of steel; and in civil construction with civil houses, offices, hotels, car showrooms.
According to a survey by Reed Tradex Company (Thailand), Vietnam is likely to become a manufacturing center of Southeast Asia, so the demand for pre-engineered steel buildings will be very high. Moreover, the trend of using prefabricated houses is encroaching into the civil field. Architectural style harmonious between conventional structures and pre-engineered steel frames, construction glass is creating a unique feature in modern architecture.
From industry …
Industrial production is developing strongly, so the demand for pre-engineered steel buildings will be very large. In that trend, some brands of pre-engineered steel buildings have appeared in Vietnam such as Chi Viet Steel, Dai Dung, Trung Lam, Tanavico, PEB Steel, Kirby, Atad, Zamil, SeiCo, Huva …
According to Joseph Mathew, General Director of Kirby Vietnam, in the years 2010-2013, the growth of the pre-engineered steel market is from 15-17% / year. “The advantage of pre-engineered steel buildings is that the maintenance costs are low and easily expanded in the future, so businesses will increase the use of this type instead of building workshops with reinforced concrete. Currently, pre-engineered steel buildings account for more than 70% of industrial buildings, ”he said.
… to the civil
In addition to low cost and convenience, pre-engineered steel buildings also create a luxury for a house or office building. The harmonious combination between conventional construction and pre-engineered steel frames creates a modern architectural space. In particular, current office buildings use steel frames and construction glass as the optimal solution.
An American architect said that the concept of “prefabricated house” often makes people think of the type of mobile housing, which can be easily assembled and transported according to the type of housing that is mass produced from removable parts and mounted together according to model. Accordingly, people also think that the design of the prefabricated house is rough, rough, with the inconvenience of a temporary lifestyle.
This concept is currently unfounded when architects have experimented with a different behavior, where the prefabricated house model is seen as a new, modern and responsive housing style. Get a modern lifestyle. They offer beautiful designs, wide open spaces and comforts. Thus, “prefabricated” is more closely associated with the concept of “style” than in the past. Economists believe that modern architecture will develop and make more profit from pre-engineered steel buildings in housing construction that appeared long but have been forgotten.
Based on the tremendous growth in materials and construction techniques, today’s architecture and construction industry is changing the concepts of “easy, readily available, cheap” of prefabricated housing to ” convenient, convenient, economical ”. And by adding the lines of modern architecture and eye-catching layout and décor, architects have pushed this new housing space into a new style.

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